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Màng Phủ Lót Bể Cá, Hồ Cá HDPE

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Fish Tank Covering, HDPE Aquarium

What is HDPE Agricultural Film? 

What is the characteristic of the HDPE Aquarium?

HDPE agricultural  membrane is a kind of waterproof membrane, high durability 

Features: Low permeability, chemical resistance and high UV resistance.

It is a great feature that fish tank cover, aquarium is a lot of people believe and bring extremely high efficiency for agriculture.

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HDPE agricultural cover

Whenever we buy  HDPE agricultural cover  . We also need to pay attention to the technical standards of HDPE agricultural film. Each fabric has its own specifications to suit different types of fabric. 

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HDPE agricultural cover

Application of HDPE agricultural film

Hdpe agricultural cover has great benefits and is widely applied as follows

– Using lakes for aquaculture: shrimp ponds, fish tanks, aquariums; lined with salt lakes

– Used to make biogas, animal waste treatment to prevent contamination of water sources, land resources.

– Used in power plants, petroleum storage tanks, water tanks.

– For use in solid waste burial sites, hazardous wastes and waste treatment works.

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fish tank lining, HDPE aquarium

HDPE agricultural film is inert with chemicals, even with strong acids. Not affected by fungi, bacteria, termites. Excellent anti-aging ability by the effects of weather, climate.

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fish tank lining, HDPE aquarium

1. Characteristics of HDPE tank lining

HDPE agricultural cover film is made from resinous granules and has small carbon content (c), so it has very large elongation and tensile strength.

HDPE has wide application in such areas as waterproofing, dykes, reservoirs, reservoirs, waste bins, BIOGAS pits and is widely applied in aquariums. Aquatic products such as lining fish tank, HDPE aquarium.

HDPE coatings can be used when building shrimp ponds on sandy soils, acid sulphate soils and other bad soils; renovation of old ponds (contaminated with alum, contamination); protect the water source, avoid the penetration of bacteria and creatures …

Take a shower, hdpe
fish tank lining, HDPE aquarium
2- Guide to use fish tank cover fish tank, effective HDPE

– Simple construction without the need of many people, if the home alone can also be built.

– It is easy to change the location of the lake according to your wishes like the flexible move, easy to change the layout of the new location if you do not have a complete drawings for the lake, it is better to use the canvas.

– Maintain good pH in the water, ensuring that fish live in the best environment.

– Lining casuarina will not cause the fish to close because the surface of the canvas casu is very soft, we can see the beauty of the fish in the lake. Provides a very soft contact surface for the fish, although the surface of the lining still has a few folds.

Lake bottom care directly affects the health of the fish. There are two options for you to use  hdpe  lining and lining with concrete

Take a shower, hdpe
fish tank lining, HDPE aquarium
Size and price list of each type according to the thickness of hdpe lining :

Thickness Width / roll Price / m2

0.3mm 7m 200m

0.5mm 7m 420m

0.75mm 7m 280m

1.0mm 7m 210m

1.5mm 7m 140m

2.0mm 7m 105m

2.5mm 7m 85m

3.0mm 7m 70m


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